Do you have an online shop and want to improve your conversion rate? For any online shop, placing an order is vital as this is where the sale ends. However, it’s also the move that has one of the highest cart abandonment rates. Research shows that nearly 70% of customers abandon their shopping cart and 21% of those customers abandon their checkout because the process was too long or complicated.

While there is no one-size-fits-all solution in eCommerce, the truth is that one-click checkout pages are better suited for most businesses. Users want to buy things quickly and easily, so one-click checkouts are very useful. The idea is to help customers shop as soon as possible to increase their conversion rates. Now, let’s take a closer look at how you can use WooCommerce One-Click checkout plugins to improve your business.

Why Use One-click Checkout Plugins

One-click checkout plugins have several benefits. Here are some key ones: It shortens the shopping funnel. This is convenient for buyers because they can fill the purchase form and buy things on a single page. Thus, the quality of buyers’ purchases improves.

It saves time. WooCommerce one-page shopping means fewer order fields, which saves time and makes customers feel comfortable. By simplifying the checkout, paying for one page reduces the abandoned shopping cart. As a result, customers are more likely to complete your purchase, which will help you increase your conversion rate.

When to Use One-click Checkout Plugins

WooCommerce’s default checkout page isn’t wrong, but you can take a step further to gain an edge over your competitors. When you adjust a payment, you can tailor it to your business and increase conversions. One-click checkouts are the perfect solution if you want your customers to make purchases as quickly as possible with as few clicks as possible. The idea is to minimize the time users spend at the checkout. This is especially suitable for stores that sell products that are not very expensive and do not require much customization.

Also, one-click checkouts are ideal for stores that sell digital products or goods that do not require a shipping address. Let’s take a look at some of the customization needs for the WooCommerce default checkout page.

Customizing WooCommerce default checkout page

The default page has limited configuration options because it focuses on bare bases. To further customize your checkout box, you will need to download and install additional items or update your WooCommerce payment with a custom code.

By their nature, plugins are more comfortable to use than adding custom code, as they are pre-designed templates that are easy to download, filled with your data, brand logo, and content, and get up and running quickly. Plugins also need little support because they are managed and updated by professionals. They do not require coding experience, as most use a user interface with field editing options.

The downside of addons is that you limit yourself to what the addon is for and its capabilities. They don’t need coding experience, but you also can’t configure with the same controls you get during coding. Coding requires understanding but offers more flexibility for customization.

How does it work with two modes?

1) One Click buy with Checkout Page redirection

WooCommerce One Click Buy, Checkout Redirection Mode has buttons on the Shop, Category, and single Products pages where the user can click on any item added to the cart. They will be directed to the checkout process.

2) One Click buy with Popup Form

With WooCommerce One-Click checkout, the second mode of checkout can display a popup form to fill in your details and make a purchase. The popup form displays product information.

One-Click Order or WooCommerce Order

On the settings page, you have the option to choose a one-click form that allows your customers to add a one-click order entry, or you want to add a WooCommerce Order to enter as well.

Notification on Order Submission

You can also send an email to the administrator and the customer a WooCommerce subscription note and order confirmation with this one-click.

Smart ways to use the one-click checkout

Broadly there are three ways:

1) On your website

Set a one-click checkout directly to the “call to action” button. Thus, if the customer has previously chosen Stripe as the payment method and clicks on the CTA, he will pay directly.

2) In emails

You can also send customers a one-click checkout link asking them to buy a great product. After the customer clicks on the link in the email, they will be directly verified and paid.

3) With discounts

You can also find out discounts and coupons with one click at the checkout because online store owners give their customers many store credits, values, etc., for customer satisfaction. We’ve seen that one-click checkout can accommodate that as well.

Sell More with Simpler Checkout

In general, a one-click checkout helps users save time by reducing funnel steps, making it more convenient, and increasing conversions. The best way to take advantage of these benefits is to use the best WooCommerce one-click plugins. All solutions are great, so choose the right one for your business according to your needs.

On the other hand, if you have a small shop with few products, the one-click free version of Checkout Suite can be a great alternative. WooCommerce Direct Cash is the best choice for value for money and features. Whether you have a large or small store, this plugin includes the one-click purchase and quick purchase button features and many features that take your store to the next level. Even better, it has a free version and premium plans for those who want more advanced features.

Are you using any one-click checkout plugin? How’s your experience so far? Let us know in the comments section below!

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