You may have used images to describe your products, write product descriptions, or take notes for customers who weren’t open in your online store. However, you will lose customers if you do not need video marketing.

Why so?

Because when it comes to online shopping, customers want to see what they’re buying, how it works, and why others are listening to buy. And there’s nothing like an in-depth video that will make your store visitors happy with your products and open your wallet. You can add product videos as featured thumbnails by integrating WooCommerce product videos in your store. There is nothing too complicated or impossible here. Also, videos can increase your AOV (average order value) and increase the relevancy of your website.

Because most people are visual aids, the surrounding videos can keep them on the page longer than text data or images. The longer they stay, the longer they will continue to explore and purchase your site.

Are you late for video marketing?

It’s never too late to jump on the bandwagon. And it’s just my tools I need to track your efforts quickly. In this post, I’ve rounded up the best ways to use video marketing in your online store to drive your sales in real-time.

Here are five reasons why product video is one of the most powerful strategies to grow your store and increase sales.

Let’s dive in.

  1. People & Google both Loves Video

Google displays different search results in search queries, including videos, photos, news, maps, and other tools that you can add to regular search results. Owning product videos gives you additional planning opportunities, primarily if none of your competitors use videos in their stores or for their products.

In addition, research also shows that Google likes and prioritizes websites and videos, which means having product videos (which works well with YouTube, a company owned by Google) will give you a better chance of ranking in search engines.

For people to watch your videos, you need to focus on the definition. This means making videos enjoyable, fun, and easy to manage. This can encourage people to watch the whole video, which increases the likelihood that people will be caught.

  1. Video is more sharable & clickable

Studies have shown that people often share videos rather than text pages. In addition, people typically click on videos more than those without visual or multimedia elements.

The number of time users watches movies online continues to grow. Watching videos requires less effort than reading long product descriptions and publications. In addition, videos allow you to engage your audience, distorting the information you can convey through text.

  1. Videos drive more Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is one of the most prominent visitors to the e-shop. Businesses spend countless hours and dollars linking to high-quality websites.

Google knows that the quality of a website depends on its failures. So every time a website sends visitors, not long after they arrive on the website, they conclude that the website is not in good standing.

Converting visitors to your customers is one of the best ways to reduce costs. As you can see, the video has a high resolution. With video, you should be able to make your site great to manage.

  1. Video is Popular Among Mobile Users

The popularity of mobile phones has already surpassed the popularity of desktop computers, and mobile phones are almost everywhere. Moreover, even after the establishment of things in the mainstream of North America and Europe, most of the world’s population has never shifted away from mobile phones, making the mobile phone market even more extensive.

Why is this important? Because, as the study points out, mobile phones use videos that are much easier to access than lowercase letters and have a lot of data.

Young people with high sales power and the next generation of consumers watch TV shows less and spend most of the time streaming videos. And they’re also looking for something to share – and there’s no reason why they shouldn’t check out your photo online in this box. Find out about the new generation, new media, new needs – is your video interesting?

  1. Product Videos Increase Conversion

According to statistics, buyers who buy watch videos 1.8 times more often than those who don’t. In addition, people who watch videos report that they remember product information better. In an attractive test of search engine results pages, video results track better than text-based results.

In the video, customers also tend not to return because they already know the product and how it works. And the benefits outweigh the consumer when the videos are more published than the text of the product pages.

Given the appeal of video to consumers and retailers, it’s no surprise that video continues to expand the role of search.

Best practices for product videos

Before you shoot your camera, think carefully about the best examples to ensure that your video products get the best results.

  • Prioritize your products

Remember that you don’t have to create a video for any product in your online store to reap the benefits of integrating a video product marketing plan. But since you’re working with platform and budget video series, be sure to start with the videos of the most popular products that make you the most money.

  • Create a video gallery

In addition to posting videos on each product page, consider categorizing them in one section of your website. This makes it easy for consumers who enjoy watching videos, watch many product videos, and consider buying a lot of products.

  • Include a call-to-action

When a video is displayed on a product in your store on a website, the call to action seems almost non-existent. However, completing a video and a purchase reminder can improve your shopping experience. And keep in mind that videos can be easily viewed and watched outside of the product page, either as a video on your website or a third-party website like YouTube. To maximize the earning potential of YouTube, you can also create your own channel and feature your product videos. Just don’t forget to design a good YouTube logo and YouTube cover so you can attract the right customers.
Including a call to action and a link to sell at the end of the video will ensure that you can direct your customers to the checkout – no matter where they watch the video.
  • Optimize the videos for SEO

Take some time to process metadata, including descriptive tags and video titles. Then, link the provision of information and sharing to encourage customer engagement and the added SEO benefits on the subject page.

  • Consider user-generated content

Videos captured and uploaded by customers aren’t suitable for every store. Still, with adequate quality control, they can be a cheap and easy way to increase the number of videos in your online store dramatically.