Competitor analysis is the process of knowing the activities of competitors. This allows you to apply their weaknesses to yourself. Companies today have many competitors, so it is essential to be aware of different competitive methods. The same methods of analysis also help when considering SEO techniques.

Although SEO competition is an integral part of early SEO, many companies ignore it. Organizations that focus on keyword stuffing, link building, and valuable content are unaware that ranking competition will be equally effective in their SEO. So, if you want to win the market, you have to show that you have competent enough to compete with big giants. Therefore, competitive advantage should not be ignored.

The competitive analysis gives you an accurate picture of winning traffic, the most important keywords, and the best performing backlinks. In addition, you can learn how to incorporate different Woocommerce plugins to grab visitors’ attention. An essential plugin would be WooCommerce rich snippets that can display the most informative content in the first place.

Before you move to competitor analysis, you first try your best to incorporate all SEO practices on your site. For example, proper on-page SEO, backlinks, guest posting, indexing your site with the help of a sitemap creator so that Google would crawl your website to know about important pages and contents. Then, after doing all the homework and being ready to compete with others, you can now perform competitor analysis. And, how to do that, keep on reading!

How To Do Competitor Analysis

So we answer, what is competitive SEO analysis? Then, it’s time to see how to do a detail contest in a few simple steps. Please remember that these are usual steps, and you can use them now.

Step 1: Identify Your True Competitors

The first step in learning SEO competitors analysis is getting to know your competitors. Moz recommends finding out who your actual competitors are for your keywords, as not all websites outperform your competitors.

It would help if you had a thorough and accurate SEO analysis of your actual SEO-finding activities. It involves comparing and researching multiple SEO keywords and marking the top 10 or 20 websites that still appear for everyone.

Step 2: Find out what keywords your competitors rank well for

In addition to other essential factors such as specific performance and backlink history, your competitor’s SEO costs depend on their keywords. Your best chance of catching up here is with keyword gaps, which means your important keywords in your niche are well-placed for your competitors, and you aren’t.

If you need a quick check of this feature, you can do it directly from the SpyFu control panel by entering just the namespace. See the Kombat Report for more information on the exact words. It shows you common and unique keywords and the number of keywords, CPC settings, and local keywords.

The latter is based on several important factors, such as the strength of the competition, the indexing of the page, such as “keyword in the title,” and the number of .gov and .edu domains in the search results. All of this can help you decide which keyword is a good problem to solve.

Step 3: Competitor analysis through their PPC behavior

Let’s move on to search engine optimization in search of the next idea. That alone gives you a good that others don’t think. Take a closer look at your competitors’ competitions. It’s essential to understand how your direct and indirect behaviors in PPC advertising.

It’s no secret that many companies combine SEO and PPC to maintain their SERP presence. However, in most cases, PPC is used for keywords that don’t fit well for your website to shorten the line at the top of the SERPs.

Step 4: Create and Execute a Content Plan

Now that you’ve collected the data, the next step is to compile a competitor SEO analytics report. Then, based on the news, you can build your SEO content template. To start building a table of contents, create a keyword list or a video list of items and save it to a simple spreadsheet or use a tool like Ahrefs.

Ahrefs competitor analysis also has a built-in feature to add selected keywords or ideas to a specific list so you can post them on the page and create a quick report with details of the SEO contests.

Step 5: Track Your Progress

If you’ve posted new stuff or repaired old stuff, you need to monitor their movements. You need regular keyword checking and SEO competition research reports to check if your competition analytics model is working.

You can use any free SEO tool to do this, but for Ahrefs, you need to go to the themes browser and select the appropriate theme. Then, click the Share via Pages button on the left. It should show the most popular pages and their ranking.

Step 6: Keep a tab on products and services offered by your competitors

Some companies nail the market in their heads. However, after a few months, this strategy will fail, and the company will gradually collapse. The most common cause of business death is a lack of new products.

The products and services you offer are an incentive to choose success in any tactical market. Innovation and innovation are constantly evolving in every industry, be it a product or a service.

Adapting to the latest trends in competitive markets is an integral part of determining the future of companies. The inability to copy and change methods are the main reasons for company closures.

Finding the right competitors ensures that you don’t miss out on the opportunities your competitors have combined to succeed. In addition, the approach can reduce costs to adding skin or adding a new look to a product/service.


As retailers and entrepreneurs, we are encouraged to do well in the dog food business. However, competition is inevitable, and you have no choice but to compete smartly, so you have a chance to fight. Once you understand how to deal with the competition, you are given a license to evaluate your situation and your motivation to do better.

It takes time, practice and determination to carry out your activities continuously. The good news is that you will save this time and even more if you choose the right words. What can you do to keep an eye on your competitors? What would you do differently if you understood better?

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