We are living in the age of digital marketing. Today online shopping has become a real necessity. The development of multiple eCommerce platforms has given business owners an excellent opportunity for online working. WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Shopify to WooCommerce, or Zencart are a few of these.

To build an online store on this plethora of platforms isn’t hard but to manage and run it consistently is a daunting task, mainly when the competition is fierce. Developers of these platforms are developing more and more extensions or plugins to assist you in your business growth. Woocommerce Name Your Price plugin is one of the beautiful developments by WordPress developers that allow you to be flexible in how much you charge for your products – to such an extent that you let your customers define their price.

There are several common business mistakes that many businesses make, particularly when they start their new online stores. These small mistakes can harm your business growth. You can avoid these mistakes before building your start-ups if you’re aware of these usual small mistakes. You can save your time and energy that more than half of eCommerce businesses fall victim.

This article will provide you a detailed discussion of 5 small common e-commerce mistakes by avoiding which you can become a successful online business owner from the very beginning.


  1. Lack of a proper plan for targeting

To start any business first thing you need is an idea or strategic plan. If you fail to make a successful business plan outline, it’s very mean you are not interested in building your own business. To develop your eCommerce site, you don’t need a formal strategic plan but a simple strategy to proceed and achieve the specific targets you set. You need not have much technical know-how as well.

It would be best if you had a simple business outline consisting of your targeted customers and the products you will sell. You are required to be aware of the emerging market trends and customer demands. And what you will sell to them and what customers are willing to pay for the products offered by you. Woocommerce Name Your Price plugin is the best woocommerce plugin that allows your customers to define their prices.

  1. Choosing the Wrong Ecommerce Platform

Today there is a plethora of e-commerce platforms. It up to you to choose the right one you think is fit for your business. Another usual mistake made by e-commerce business owners is that they choose the wrong eCommerce platform. To select the wrong eCommerce podium, break your e-store within a short time. The medium explains how you can display your items and categorize them, how to attract users, how to sell your products, and set price mechanisms, including your payment gateways.

You can avoid this common small business mistake by choosing the right and full-featured eCommerce platform fit for e-commerce business. It will assist you to boost your business and make rapid progress. So take your time and explore different platforms and understand their offerings before you make your choice.

  1. Low Website Security

Low website security is also is a big mistake made by online sellers. After choosing the right platform, the next thing is trust. Trust is the life force of an eCommerce store. 18% of online buyers say they’ve abandoned their cart because the e-commerce store was not trustworthy. Because of security risk, they did share their credit card information.

Put clear trust indicators on your online stores to build the confidence of your customers in you. Failing to put this, many online stores lose their credibility and fail to make their strong customer base. Buyers need the reassurance website is secure and will protect their sensitive data. Ensure that your eCommerce site has SSL encryption for online payments or trust badgers from different payment gateways such as Payoneer and PayPal to boost your buying confidence.

  1. Hiding Product Details and Information

Hiding product details and information is the fourth big mistake made by e-commerce retailers. They hide many product details like the ingredients of the product, refund or discounts, delivery charges, etc. Most of the time, they post information about their products and their uses.

Sometimes they do it to give surprises to their customers. But they get surprised in reaction when customers leave their sites without purchasing anything. Buyers feel tricked down when they have to pay more and did not know about the product. To sell and mainly to buy something is a straightforward activity, especially in shipping and prices.

By avoiding this usual small mistake from the very beginning, you can get substantial customer traffic on your site. Woocommerce Name Your Price plugin is the best you offer your customers to make their prices about your products.

  1. Bad SEO Strategy

To work successfully in any market, you are required to know the recent trends of that market. To run your e-store persistently, you have to make the SEO a top strategy of your business plan. Search engine optimization or SEO is the lifeblood for eCommerce websites. SEO involves studying the competitors in the market and knowing about the keywords or keyphrases they are using to rank their sites high on the first page of search engines.

Without formulating your proper local SEO strategy, you cannot beat your competitors. Most of the online businesses avail the services of professional SEO experts to achieve their targeted goals. Best SEO strategy means a strong customer base. So go and find the best SEO optimizers to rank your site at the top in search engines.

Wrap Up

It is an old proverb that it is always better to learn from others’ mistakes than your own. I hope this article will help you find online business sellers’ mistakes and learn from them to start your won e-store without falling victim to them. Choose the right and famous platform like WordPress to build and sustain your eCommerce site. Woocommerce Name Your Price, WordPress plugins, allow your customers to define their prices and discuss products in detail. More facility to customers means a strong customer base. Give positive, get positive. Good Luck!

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