The latest rule in e-commerce is that if visitors want to buy a product, they have to stick to it. Suppose the images provide a clear overview of the product’s appearance and allow visitors to communicate better. In that case, product videos add a missing piece to the customer satisfaction puzzle by explaining its use or intent.

Images and videos are combined to enable the buyer to make a confident purchase decision. According to a survey (see results below), online shoppers in the US expect an average of six product images and three videos when purchasing a particular product.

What is a WooCommerce Product Video?

WooCommerce Product Video is a plug-in that provides a visual introduction to the look and benefits of the product listed in the WooCommerce online store.

The purpose of a product video is to help companies communicate what their products are capable of. Besides, an e-commerce video strategy allows potential customers to understand virtually every aspect of your product without having to visit them in person.

Product videos seek to make the product experience more human, mimicking some of a store’s physical sensations. It’s about more engagement that leads to better conversions. If you are interested in videos related to eCommerce products, you can create several types of videos.

Purpose of Product Videos in Your eCommerce Journey

The product page contains items with product names, pictures, related features, and ratings and reviews. However, these are commercial product videos that are selling well today.

Simply put, the importance of product videos should not be overlooked, as they:

  • Increase your conversion rates through the digital shopping experience
  • Increase your customers’ AOV (average order value) to increase merchant revenue.
  • Attract new customers by providing useful content to answer those questions

3 Best Examples of eCommerce Product Video Marketing

According to a 656 individual respondents survey, 81% of video marketers said that video helped increase the average time visitors spend on a page.

In an authentic sense, a product video is a shopper’s journey, and innovative companies choose the video to enhance the online shopping experience by turning showcase buyers into customers.

Ultimately, the ultimate goal is to add value to the entire shopping trip and certainly one of the characteristics of good eCommerce product pages.

Here are some examples of companies making an excellent video for their business and a guide on how to improve product page.

  1. Amazon Live

While Live is a new digital marketing strategy to drive conversions, Amazon missed the opportunity. With Amazon Live, the retail giant has created its platform to advertise products and functions.

  1. Woo Club

Woo Club is a Net Solutions project based on product videos. WooClub is an integrated video platform that allows brands, individuals, and affiliate marketers to add videos about their products to the page and earn a commission on every sale.

The platform introduced a new method of advertising products listed in stores, which set a new standard in e-commerce marketing. When the e-commerce platform was launched, it attracted more than 1,800 users in the first two months alone.

  1. Apple

Apple, the international tech giant, has captured most of the market. In the third quarter of 2019 alone, the company recorded $ 53.8 billion. At least half of the credit goes towards their unparalleled marketing strategy.

Their best product videos have been a catalyst in reaching the right audience in addition to their balanced function and feature list. Speaking of the new iPhone 11 Pro, it’s sold out with a video that takes the experience to a whole new level. It can emphasize all the functions of the phone and dramatically influences the buyer’s decision.

The Secret to Selling Products like Hotcakes

Content descriptions are too monotonous, and images do not provide enough information. When it comes to people who clearly understand your product or service and encourage them to buy; Video is the best choice. The WooCommerce Product Video Plugin is also the best way to add product video to your online store and increase painting business and other businesses.

From your business perspective, this is the best place to invest in product videos.

  1. Google Loves Videos

It was a Dollar Shave Club video that suddenly went viral. While the video was created to increase brand awareness, it also helped build links.

This video of video marketing products set the standard that all brands are continually writing about, linking to their websites and video sharing. This, in turn, helped them with backlinks and all too naturally rose the ladder to success.

Justice – Create related videos that put human history behind digital offerings. Even Google can’t resist, but you come first.

  1. Video is more Clickable

Studies show that people share videos with their friends twice as often as other types of content. Customers love to click on a video before it has text content or an image. Ultimately, we humans perceive visual information better than textual information.

When people share the best video marketing product videos, your brand coverage automatically increases as it becomes visible to your subscribers. And finally, one thing is exact: the higher the fee, the more clicks, which means more sales.

  1. Videos Turn Watchers into Buyers

According to Wyzowl, 84% of people are convinced they are buying a product or service while watching a branded video. It is because they see the product being used, which gives a palpable feeling. It creates hype for the product and can even make your products more adaptable and add value.

All you have to do is create a video that tells the touching story of your product. Your next customer will likely be a happy member who speaks to his friends about this experience.

  1. Videos Build Trust in eCommerce Sites

Both consumers and businesses know that creating product videos requires financial investment. Companies spend time creating videos to show customers that they believe in your product. This will ensure that your customers follow this issue and make a purchase decision in your favor.

Wrapping up

In short, the best eCommerce video games increase brand authenticity and give confidence to others to trust themselves. So try to get the audience’s attention by educating them. Discuss creating the product, its security, and protective features, and try to include certificates.

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