WooCommerce Awesome Side Cart

WooCommerce Awesome Side Cart, is an interactive Floating Side Cart for your WooCommerce store that slides once user can buy any item from shop or product page, Change product quantity based on Ajax Update, Remove Item from cart, Update Price and Quantity. WooCommerce Awesome Side Cart is fully customizable with a lot of setting options, you can change position of mini cart icon, Color of side cart, Display Custom text in your languages.

With WooCommerce Awesome Side Cart, not only you’ll make your Woo Store more interactive with mini cart and counter, it’s your choice to enable on Product and Shop page. With Awesome Side Cart there is no need to go to cart and checkout page, on side cart you have all buttons to their pages.

Features of WooCommerce Awesome Side Cart

  • View Side Cart anywhere on your site
  • Remove added items without refreshing page
  • Ajax add to cart on quantity change
  • View Cart, Checkout, Continue Shopping Button need to be customize
  • Remove item, product with ajax from side cart
  • Counter number of already added product
  • Subtotal of all products on bottom
  • Opened once item added in cart
  • Fully Customizable setting options
  • Cart Heading, Color of Side Cart For WooCommerce
  • Ajax Add to cart also supported on Single Product pages
  • Display product price, quantity, and SKU on side cart
  • Quantity Input box in Side cart
  • Enable/ Disable Cart Icon
  • Change Cart Position
  • Mobile Friendly

How it Works (WooCommerce Awesome Side Cart)

WooCommerce Awesome Side Cart in one window, How it works, Smooth loading with overlay once you add in the item in cart it appears. You have the option to increase the quantity of items, delete or close the cart, On Side Cart we have buttons for View Cart, Checkout pages. Also one can continue shopping if he wants.

Side Cart Subtotal & Hidden Page buttons

For better UI/UX We add the Checkout, Cart visit buttons on the same Side Cart, Below image can explain it.

Can we change position of Mini Cart ?

Yes, you can. WooCommerce Awesome Side Cart have a setting option to position the mini cart icon with a counter on the left or right side. But by default with plugin installation it’s in the right position.

WooCommerce Awesome Side Cart Functionality

WooCommerce Awesome Side Cart have functionality to remove items without refreshing page, You can also increase or decrease item quantity. Animated arrow can guide for close side cart and to show the subtotal behind the buttons.

I was skeptical about the plugin in the beginning. But with kind of support that was extended to me, everything worked like a charm.

Plugin does exactly what I wanted. Would be good if there were more option to manage the integration into the Flatsome theme, but the support to make code changes was was very good and very quick.

My shop wouldn’t be possible without this plugin. Works great and has even better support!

Quick easy and perfect for selling video stock footage clips online. less than 10 minutes for support to help with small issue concerning CSS compatibility.

Fast customer support. It takes only within 12 hours to solve our issue. Great job guys!

Great plugin. Does exactly what it says. Customer support is also very good. I had an issue and they fixed it right away.

Had an issue with the plugin and the Customer Support team helped fix it, they were very patient with questions and concerns as well!

Take advantage of the multilanguage compatibility

We already have language file in our plugin folder so you can easily translate

Want customization and custom development ?

Feel free to contact us for customization and fro your custom solutions.

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