Custom Paint Variation for WooCommerce

Custom Paint Variation

Custom Paint Variation for WooCommerce

The The Custom Paint Variation for WooCommerce allows you to create custom variations of paint products in different weights along with sales and regular prices. You can also set how many litres are included and how much area is covered by a specific variation total. There is no limit to adding custom paint variations, you can add as much as you want for a specific product.

The plugin also has an option to set discounts based on user roles in percentage. Option to select the colours in three different categories such as NCS, RAL, and Standard. Option to set paint colours codes with price and hex and then those displayed on the product page. The plugin allows multiple variations added to the cart at once with custom data information of colour name, code and variation of colours.

Features of Custom Paint Variation for WooCommerce

  • Create an unlimited custom paint product variation for WooCommerce
  • Option to set the weight of paint
  • Allows admin to set how much paint per square takes
  • Option to select paint colour via NCS, RAL & Standard colours
  • Allow custom to add multiple variation with single click with custom data
  • Admin has option to set discount based on user role
  • Option to add colours swatches with prices at the backend
  • Frontend display of line total, total area covered as per quantity, sale and discount price
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Current VersionLast UpdateWordPressWooCommerceCompatible with
1.0.025 March 20225.9.x6.0.xWPML, Loco Translate, Latest Themes

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