Custom Product Labels Badges for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Product Badges

Custom Product Labels & Badges for WooCommerce

With Custom Product Labels & Badges for WooCommerce plugin, you can add easily labels and badges to your store. This will help shop owner to promote their products and get more sales, Customers can easily understand via labels about product reputation. With the help of the Custom Product Labels & Badges for WooCommerce plugin, you can add any label, badge and ribbon to your products with a specific condition. Options to add Global and Product specific labels and badges on same time.

We offer global rules settings and product base settings options to apply labels. Condition includes By product, category, in stock, sales, best seller, on sale, best price, total sale, sale price, stock quantity, product type, product rating and many more. You can add rules and conditions as per your requirement either select a whole category or any certain condition with the help of a single rule or group.

Features of Custom Product Labels & Badges for WooCommerce

  • Option to enable disable labels on product pages
  • Option to add custom CSS and JS for product labels
  • Add Custom notices labels & Badges on products
  • Label for products by specific conditions, groups or rule
  • Set labels for different products with different conditions (Global and Product Specific)
  • Labels custom background and text colours
  • Set Labels by product name, product category, sale status, stock status, bestsellers position, price, total sales count
  • Add Custom Text and discount percentage type of label
  • Set Custom background colour and text colour for each label
  • Add a Custom position for each label
  • Set Multiple labels for one product
  • Set Labels by Global rules and product wise
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