WooCommerce Custom Products Tabs

WooCommerce Product Tabs

WooCommerce Custom Products Tabs

WooCommerce Product Tabs plugin extends WooCommerce to allow shop owners to add custom tabs to products. The tabs are displayed on the individual product pages to the right of the default “Description” tab.

WooCommerce Product Tabs Pro helps you to add your custom Tabs to the Product page in WooCommerce. You can add any number of Tabs. You can also define a default tab to be placed in every product. As a good shop owner, you may want to publish more information about your products. This plugin will help you displaying product details in separate tab pages.

Features of WooCommerce Custom Products Tabs

  • Option to add tab globally and assign to one or many products.
  • Option to add 5 different product tabs.
  • Faq product tab type.
  • Default product tab type.
  • Map product tab type.
  • Product inquiry tab type.
  • Image gallery tab type.
  • Video carousel tab type.
  • Option to add icons of font-awesome library.
  • Allow shortcode to use in the default product tab.
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Current VersionLast UpdateWordPressWooCommerceCompatible with
1.0.814 March 20225.9.x6.0.xWPML, Loco Translate, Latest Themes

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