WooCommerce Dynamic Measurement (Foam Selling)

WooCommerce Dynamic Measurement

WooCommerce Dynamic Measurement (Foam Selling)

WooCommerce Dynamic Measurement (Foam Selling) lets you sell every type of foam with one single plugin. WooCommerce Dynamic Measurement plugin enables you to sell Custom Cushion (Upholstery) foam types with different measurements like mm, cm & inches.

How to add Product as Dynamic Measurement (Foam Selling)

To add a product like a demo, You need to add a new product go to product data tabs, Select Measurement Selling Product then set product type and fill all fields.

Features of WooCommerce Dynamic Measurement (Foam Selling)

  • Dynamic Selling by custom foam
  • Upholstery foam selling
  • Selling by mm, cm, inch
  • WooCommerce Dynamic Measurement selling
  • Custom Selling options
  • Dynamic Product layout
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Plugin Details

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Current VersionLast UpdateWordPressWooCommerceCompatible with
1.0.614 March 20225.9.x6.0.xWPML, Loco Translate, Latest Themes

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