WooCommerce Paint Cost Estimator

Paint Cost Estimator

WooCommerce Paint Cost Estimator

Paint Cost Estimator is a tool designed to guide you through your paint selection; Paint Cost Estimator is a straightforward, exact, simple estimation plugin that lets your user easily estimate/create the budged or home interior. With exterior paints, the Client can easily calculate the paint cost for her home, office, and all others..

Features of WooCommerce Paint Cost Estimator

  • Option to add surface dimension
  • Option to select paint interior or exterior
  • Fresh or paint or repaint
  • Add measurement unit in Square feet or Square meters
  • Calculate the total carpeted area
  • Option to add doors and number of windows 
  • Option to select paint product adding from backend
  • And calculate the total paint, total area and total cost
  • The plugin has the option to send email quotes to any other person
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Current VersionLast UpdateWordPressWooCommerceCompatible with
2.0.014 March 20225.9.x6.0.xWPML, Loco Translate, Latest Themes

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